100 Days – Weeks of Solids – Introduction

Solids.  They often play second fiddle but this week we’ll take a look at some quilts in which they play the lead role!

Baby Harvatine Quilt by Alissa Haight Carlton, 2010

All quilts are designed with composition in mind, but when you work with all solids, there’s no busy or bold prints to distract your your eye or provide movement in the quilt.  The design, piecing,  and color choices become the tools that do that work.

Solid Squares by Alissa Haight Carlton, 2009

Subtle variations in shape are featured and highlighted, and contrast in color value shines through.

Embracing Gray by Alissa Haight Carlton, 2010

And when a quilt is mostly solids, one patterned fabric is suddenly framed and featured.

A word of warning though: the more you use solids, the more you find you can’t do without them!  We hope you enjoy this Week of Solids!