100 Days – Week of Prints – Featured Quilt 6

Erin Weber’s Boxing Aviary quilt makes beautiful use of print fabrics in an of the moment color scheme.

Here’s what Erin had to say about herself and her quilt.

“A while ago, I was flipping through a magazine and saw a pattern for a quilt that had offset squares, uneven framing and also showed off the fabrics really well.  After I purchased Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 line, I fell immediately in love with the fabrics!  The thought of chopping them up to be almost unrecognizable was not an option.  I needed to focus on letting those fabrics be the center of attention.  I remembered what I liked about the quilt I saw in the magazine and tried to reinterpret it. I think what makes it modern is the simplicity of the design, the use of solids (Kona Charcoal, Moda Snow, Kona Black) and also the contrasts in light and dark colors.  This quilt was quilted by my mom (before she taught me to do my own!), Maureen McPherson on a longarm machine.  The pantograph pattern that was used is called Chaperal.”

I am a newer quilter.  I just started sewing in February and quilting in late February, early March.  I was pregnant on bed rest and was feeling bored.  I was very active before getting pregnant and now was forced to stay at home either sitting or laying down.  Sure, I have other children to tend to, but they didn’t always need my attention so I needed a hobby!!  My mom is a quilter so I asked her to help me make a quilt. I haven’t stopped since!

I would describe myself as a modern quilter who enjoys working with solids and beautiful fabric… for me it is mostly about the fabric.  In fact, sometimes I just sit in my craft room and stare at my fabric.  Sometimes it talks to me… tells me what to do with it.  I love every bit of the process– picking out fabrics, designing, piecing, pressing, quilting and even binding!  Since I have a mother who is a quilter, she has taught me how to longarm quilt so I have especially enjoyed doing more of that and experimenting with more complicated patterns and techniques.  I am a member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild which I LOVE.“

Note: The magazine pattern referenced above was Out of the Box by Catherine Purifoy, from the Spring 2011 edition of Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts.

Read more about Erin’s quilts on her blog, Bittle Bear.

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  1. Hi my name is Rolean. I have been reading your blog and I love your boxed aviary quilt. I am desparately looking for that pattern. I have avairy 2 fabric in different.colour. Are you able to help me out?

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