100 Days – Week of Prints – Featured Quilt 2

Sarah Brazier used bold print fabrics to bring a new look to a familiar flag.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her quilt:

“This quilt was inspired after my 2 1/2 year stint in England and I wanted to make something funky for my British pseudo step daughter It took a lot of trial and error and about a year of trying, some errors of which I blogged about it.. many that I didn’t.. when I finally got the right combination  I was over the moon. I just simple adore the flag and the history behind the Union Jack. I’ve got another one already on the way to being made out of softer Moda fabrics.

This quilt which is made with an old symbol of England has been freshly tossed with all sorts of colours the Union Jack has never seen. Up close you can see spiders, pirates and dragonflies (oh my)!! Designed, sewed and quilted by me it was made to make a statement.”

You can read more about Sarah and her pattern at The Aftercraft.

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