100 Days – Week of Prints – Featured Quilt 1

The variety of print fabrics in Mary Claire Allen’s Sunrise Sunset quilt is set off by a gorgeous array of coordinating solids.

Here’s what Mary Claire had to say about herself and her quilt:

“I’m a Midwestern sewer/quilter and a member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve been sewing little bits off and on for probably close to 20 years, but really got serious three or four years ago. Quilting, and especially the Modern movement, captures my interests and predispositions better than any other hobby I’ve tried; I’m hooked!

Almost every scrap of print fabric in this quilt was given to me or swapped after I put out a call for help on Flickr.  I love knowing this quilt was a collaboration of all those kind individuals and very much made in the moment.  In addition to separating the prints by color, I tried to evenly disburse the prints with a higher percentage of white in the hopes that the resulting patchwork pieces would work together as one cohesive patchwork unit.  The subtle shade and pattern differences of the prints definitely create much of the quilts visual interest.  It was really fun to sew and step back every once in a while watching it all come together!”

You can see more of Mary Claire’s work on her blog, Splendorfalls.

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