100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 7

Today we welcome Rumi from Bulgaria to the Modern Quilt Guild blog.  Though Rumi doesn’t have a MQG chapter in her country, the internet has allowed her to connect with other modern quilters across the world.  We are happy to feature her quilt “50/50” which is a wonderful example how a big idea can lead to the composition of a quilt.

50/50 by Rumyana Lafchieva

Tell us about the composition of your quilt.

The occasion for creating this quilt was the 50th anniversary of a friend.  I was inspired by the life with its variety.  The composition had to consist of different shapes and colors.

Each quarter has a different message. The Black and White quarter show the serious side of life so the lines are straight.  The colored wavy stripes express the joy of life. The colored blocks meet and mix in a real life with different emotions, happy or bad moments like a puzzle.  The last quarter is white.  It could be the past with no memories or the future with many expectations.  I used the white as balance to a whole quilt.

What do you consider when composing a quilt?

When composing a quilt I think about the arrangement of lines, shape and colors to create a harmonious whole.  I have in mind the basic idea I want to express and search the best way to show it.  Sometimes it happens at once, but sometimes it is a challenge to find the exact shapes and colors.  I prefer working with solid fabrics.  The last but not least are the quilting stitches.  They have to complete the whole idea of the quilt.

Tell us about yourself and your quilty history.

I was interested in quilting many years ago.  First my attempts were traditional patchwork and quilts.  For three years I have discovered modern quilting.  I love design and create one of a kind quilts.  In my country patchwork is not so popular.  Maybe the next years we will have a branch of the MQG.

Rumi is an award winning quilter in Bulgaria and hopes together we can all make quilting more popular!  You can find her on her blog 3patchcrafts.

8 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 7

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Rumi’s blog. It’s hard to imagine she created these things without much local interest in “patchwork”. Way to go!!

  2. Eine wunderbare Kreation, farbenfroh und optimistisch!
    Ich wünsche Rumi viele weitere schöpferische Inspirationen 🙂

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