100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 6

Today’s featured quilt is this happy and lively quilt, “Pixie Stixs.”

Pixie Stix by Kristy Daum

Tell us about  your quilt.

Pixie Stixs was the result of our STLMQG challenge. We played a game where we ripped fabric in half and passed it to our neighbor; resulting in 5 different fabrics in the end. The challenge was to create something with the majority of the fabrics. After playing around with the prints for a while, I got the idea to create these “blade-like” strips. While this quilt is simple in its design, it was difficult to insert the “blades” into the white background and with each strip, I learned how to make the task easier. Composing Pixie Stixs was a study in trying something new.

What do you consider when composing a quilt?

I wish I could say that I had some secret to composition, but I use the typical design conventions such as scale, negative space, etc.  What I do try and do is “listen” to the design along the way.  A design might start one way on paper and when I start working with fabric, things usually change.  Throughout the process I’m continually assessing and editing both the design and my fabric choices.  My best advice is that you can’t be afraid to try something new and even start over if you aren’t feeling it.

Tell us about yourself and your quilty history.

As a child I was surrounded by arts and crafts and thanks to my mom I was no match for the power of fabric.  As a youngster thought I would be an architecht or engineer, but fabric entered my life and I studied fashion design.  At a very young age, I was a wannabe quilter, turned sewist. Now I consider myself a sewist turned modern quilter and for once feel like it’s not just a hobby anymore, it’s truly a part of who I am.

Kristy is the founder, president and enthusiastic member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild and like many of us feels that the MQG has changed her life.  Kristy blogs at St Louis Folk Victorian you can see more of her work on Flickr.

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