100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 4

Can you help but smile when you see this quilt?  We like that Norma looks at her composition in two ways, from one perspective she sees the “Leader of the Pack” and looking at it another way, “The One Who Got Away”.

Leading the Pack by Norma Cecil

Tell us about your quilt.
“Composition can come in many forms.  For this little quilt, it was a happy accident and learning a new technique which led me to this particular composition.  I wanted to play with my Recess stash and teach myself how to paper piece.  As I paper pieced, I envisioned a little boy’s quilt with rows of little fish using all the yellows, oranges, blues and reds in the collection.  I somehow ended up with one flowery little fish, which certainly stood out from the rest.  Well, of course I had to somehow incorporate her into the quilt and the composition was born.  She would have to ‘Lead the Pack.'”
What do you consider when composing a quilt?
My first consideration when composing a quilt would have to be the fabric.  The color, pattern and texture in fabrics nowadays are amazing.  I would then consider size, how big do I want my canvas to be?  Also, will I be using a pattern, a particular block, or am I doing something improvisational?  But mostly I have fun playing.”

Leading the Pack close up

Tell us about yourself and your quilty history.
I’m a member of the Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild.  I have to travel a couple of hours one way to attend meetings and sew-ins, but is is so worth it.  I’m also a member of the newly formed Fresno Modern Quilt Guild, which is where I live.  We had our first meeting this past Saturday and I can’t wait to see it grow.”
You can see more of Norma and her quilts on her blog, Norma Sews.

10 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 4

  1. Hi I like your quilt the fish the style and the colors I am one who takes forever my problem i must have the idea before i can even pick out the colors might alone start it , two mini blocks with teenie strips of colors bright with a pure with a pic of dog white he is eyes jumping out and has teenie dog bones in around yep its not my cup of tea but these two children friends will love it, but yours is a work of art . also am learning too crochet thanks so much for your blog

  2. Ahhhh!!! That’s my girl, Norma!! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this quilt in person and let me tell you, ALL of us at the BMQG flipped when she showed us!! Love this quilt & it’s maker!!

  3. So great to see Norma’s quilt featured! As Jen said, we all loved it when she showed it to our group at our first meet and greet! So happy to have you as part of our BMQG family!

  4. Absolutely adore your fish quilt! Will have to make one for my sister, just as soon as I finish all my other UFOs!

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