100 Days – Week of Composition – Featured Quilt 2

The name of our second featured quilt, “Limitless”, reminds us of the myriad of possibilities we have for composing our quilts. Melissa shares her thoughts on composition and on this wonderful quilt.

Limitless by Melissa Herboth

Tell us about your quilt.

“I was inspired by the colors of the colorado sky and fields to create something that would remind me daily of our trips out west to go hiking. The color band is a repeating theme of horizon and sky that continues on and on, limitless. The sides are a neutral mix of white, off-white and grey, so as not to draw the attention away from the vertical band.”

What do you consider when composing a quilt?

“Color & pattern play a big role when i’m thinking of a composition. Many times when I buy new fabrics I don’t have an idea of what I’ll actually do with them yet. For me, it’s the color and patterns that inspire me the most, how they’ll work together when stitched together. Fabrics have their own voice, and sometimes the voice changes when they’re paired with each other differently – it’s finding that right combo that says the perfect thing.”

Tell us about yourself and your quilty history.

“I started quilting as a hobby after a textile art class in college, but my interest goes further back. I made my first quilt when I was about 13 years old with some blocks I batiked at a friend’s house. My grandmother showed me how to put it together and instead of hand stitching we tied it. After college I wanted to pass along gifts to friends for special occasions that would create a keepsake for years and generations just like I had with my family. I have belonged to the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild for 2 years now, and look forward to rejoining this year!”

You can find Melissa and her quilts on her blog blu or her website.

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  1. I reallly like how you describe the colors and what they mean to you, Melissa, quite the artist I must say.

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