100 Days – Week of Composition – Introduction

Compose…to formulate, devise, think up, produce, invent, orchestrate, choreograph.

As quilters we do all of the above to create the compositions that are our quilts.  The fabrics, colors, blocks, and how we use the space in our quilts are some of what we consider as we design and make our quilts.  Composition is the focus for Week 6 of the 100 Days of Modern Quilting.

We’ll look at how quilters use negative space in their quilts.

Proposal Moon by Jacquie Gering

We’ll see traditional blocks used in interesting ways.

Outside In by Jacquie Gering

And how even a touch of color can change the composition of a quilt.

Steely by Jacquie Gering

We hope you will be inspired by the quilters this week and their insights into composing their quilts.

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