100 Days – Week of Inspiration – Featured Quilt 2

Inspiration can come from many places in modern quilting so it’s no surprise that art would inspire quilt designs. Today we will look at a quilt by quilter Heather Jones that was inspired by the work of Joseph Albers.

Heather says: “This quilt was inspired by the work of Josef Albers and his wife Anni, and was made as an entry into for the second challenge of Project Modern. It was my first attempt at making a monochromatic quilt, and as it had been a long, dreary winter, I went with various shades of pink. I was an Art History major in college and grad school, so I was familiar with the work of Albers, who may be best known for his series of works “Homage to the Square.” In these works, Albers experimented with the relationships between different colors arranged in a series of squares. I thought that design would work well in a quilt, although I shifted the layout of the squares in my design. The Anni quilt was chosen as a winner of Project Modern: Challenge 2 by judge Malka Dubrawsky. This quilt is modern in my eyes due to its bold use of color, strong graphic elements, and over-sized blocks, which measure about 24″ square.

Anni Quilt by Heather Jones

Heather says “I find inspiration all around me, and I really love the challenge of translating what I see into quilt designs.”

Anni Quilt Detail by Heather Jones

Heather is the president of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild and she says that she can honestly say that the guild has changed her life. Although she had made quilts in the past, she didn’t consider herself a quilter before she began the CMQG, and now she can’t imagine quilting not being an integral part of her life.  You can follow her work on her blog oliveandollie.com

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  1. Hello! Your clean lines and choice of colours are stunning.
    I am puzzled as to how you have quilted your quilt. When you start a new line of quilting do you start at the top again or do you turn your quilt and start adjacent to where you completed your last line of stitching?
    Thank you from Revelstoke BC Canada

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