100 Days – Week of Inspiration – Featured Quilt 1

The first featured quilt in the Week of Inspiration is a fun example of how a quilt can be inspired by an event as well as a phrase. Heidi Burkhardt designed this 56 x 88” beauty as a wedding gift for friends.

In her own words: “We were invited to the wedding of a longtime business friend of my husband. As we pondered about the present we could give, I joked and said, I could make them a wedding quilt. As they are not a young couple who needs to build a household and we don’t know them very good privately, this seemed to be a good idea. I’ve met the bride only once, but thought that something simple and elegant should be good . My husband asked them for hints what they like and don’t like and between other things they mentioned the colour yellow.

Soon I found the basic fabric (it’s the fabric for the backing not seen in this photo ). It was not until we received the official invitation, a beautiful card with the lyrics of the Beatles song ‘ when I’m 64’, when I had the idea of quoting another Beatles song.

I’ve seen the word LOVE in this formation of course many many times, this is surely nothing new.”

Heidi lives in Germany and blogs at http://libellenquilts.blogspot.com/.

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