100 Days – Week of Improv – Featured Quilt 6

Anna Politzer made this wonderful large scale design called Big Birthday Improv Quilt. The graphic horizontal piecing, with the contrasting vertical lines, makes for a striking and eye catching quilt.

More of Anna’s work can be found on her flickr stream. We asked her a couple of questions about the quilt.

1. What is your favorite thing about improv piecing?

My favorite thing about improv piecing is how I don’t plan or measure (that much), so it feels very fun and spontaneous!

2. What makes this quilt modern to you?

To me, this quilt is modern in its use of solids, surprising quirky details, and intentionally “imperfect” quilting and piecing.

3. What inspired this quilt?

This quilt, design-wise, is inspired by Gees Bend quilts, and the colors are straight from the home and wardrobe of its recipient.