100 Days – Week of Improv – Featured Quilt 1

Latifah Saafir made this wonderful and unique quilt, called Up In the Air.  Structured use of color (oh that pop of pink!) mixed with improv piecing makes for a bold visual impact.

Latifah who blogs at The Quilt Engineer and is the proud president of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild, and is one of the founders of The MQG.

We asked her a couple of questions about the quilt:

1) What do you like the most about improv piecing?

I love that with improvisational piecing you can have a general idea about what you’re creating but, that it will take a life of it’s own as you’re putting it together. Improv piecing was a challenge to me because it is such a departure from how I normally design quilts. When I get to the cutting stage of a quilt, I normally have the entire quilt already sketched out in my head. So, then I can just barrel through the process of putting it together and it comes together quickly. With improv piecing, I have to force myself to be patient. The most challenging part is stopping and making a decision at each stage. I’m notoriously bad about taking forever at making design decisions! Haha!

2) What makes this quilt modern to you?

Up In the Air has a very restrained palette that gives it a very minimal look which is very modern. Also, being made of all solid fabrics, the complexity of the design comes from the piecing and placement of the various colors. It is also not a block based quilt.

3) What inspired this quilt?

It was inspired by a portion of a block I that I got back from the Bricolage and Butter Bee that I participated in at the LA Modern Quilt Guild. I gave everyone 10 or so solid fabrics and asked for blocks back. I gave them the freedom to create whatever they wanted but, asked them to use as many of the fabrics as possible in each block. One of my Bee members, Kelli Johnson, created an improv block that I loved. Half of the block was primarily ash gray with a sliver of another gray and it was intersected with a strip made of two greens and a pop of pink. That little glimpse made me want a quilt that captured that exact look and feel.

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  1. The block construction is very compelling. Any chance a link could be posted to Kelli’s inspiration block? Thanks!

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