100 Days – Week of Blocks – Featured Quilt 7

We love Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl pattern (a modern interpretation of the traditional wedding ring quilt) and so does Jessica Kovach, whose beautiful version of the popular pattern we’re featuring today.

Jessica blogs at Twin Fibers. Her post about making this quilt can be found here. We also asked her a couple of questions.

MQG: What do you think makes your quilt modern?

Jessica: I think this quilt is modern in its simple design and use of negative space. I like how the cream background fabric forms star shapes in between the rings and how the rings aren’t perfect circles. The quilt really shows off those unique design elements. I also like the repetition in the pattern. Having the rings lined up in columns and rows creates simplicity and order within the design. I happen to like quilt designs that are symmetrical, have repetition and order and I’m so glad to have made the time to make this quilt. If you want to make a quilt like this, the pattern is called the Single Girl Quilt by Denyse Schmidt. It’s not hard to make, but takes time. There’s a lot of templates to trace and pinning to make it all work beautifully!

MQG: What is your all-time favorite block pattern?

Jessica: My all-time favorite pattern is the Single Girl Quilt. It’s one of those designs that is so “me”. Another block pattern that I really like is the Double Hourglass. It’s simple and I like the different shapes made when it’s repeated throughout a quilt.

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  1. I love this quilt! I have the pattern, have made the templates, and have the fabric….just have yet to cut it all out! I can only hope it looks as good as this one when it’s done!

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