100 Days – Week of Blocks – Featured Quilt 6

Today we’re featuring another sampler, Monica Solorio Snow’s Make Me Happy quilt.

Monica is a proud member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and she blogs at The Happy Zombie. Her post about making this quilt can be found here. We also asked her a couple of questions.

MQG: What do you think makes your quilt modern?

Monica: I think when you take something and infuse it with bits of you, as well as make it fresh and crisp – that’s what makes it modern. Celebrating the colors and the fabrics by using them with white or greys or another solid.  Using solid white is like giving your colors and prints a stage, and letting them belt out some beautiful eye music – like Pink Martini for your eyes.  I remember as a kid on special occasions having TV dinners, and how fun it was to have those little compartments for the food on the TV trays.  It’s how I feel about using solids, especially white… it’s makes the quilt one big fun TV dinner and everything was so dang tasty.  Quilts should be tasty, too. 

When we infuse our own happiness into the quilt, I believe it makes the quilt all the more beautiful.  Making it our own and not following all (or any) of the instructions or guidelines is not a bad thing.  Not that I don’t love to follow a great pattern – but if I’m not feelin’ it… I’m not gonna do it – just as I did with the Make Me Happy quilt.  I hope that’s how people treat my patterns too – to make and finish it to their happiness standards – not mine.  I think quilt patterns are merely seeds, and everyone should grow their gardens in their own sunshine and happiness.  And unicorns if they can find one.

MQG: What is your all-time favorite block pattern?

Monica: I don’t so much have a favorite block – but rather a favorite type of block.  I love a great traditional block that can have many personalities just by switching values, colors, scales or fabrics.  I love, love, love seeing a vintage block made with modern fabrics and some crisp, happy white solid.  I also love a block that can be changed in multiple ways, set on landscape or on point, or paired with another block to make an interesting secondary pattern. Kind of like my You Are Here block (my escape plan if I’m ever in my personal Hell – the Mall).  I love a great secondary pattern when one can’t “see” the blocks right away.  Gotta make people look a bit!  

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  1. Great quilt! Love Monica’s work. I also love the scenery! I’ve stood in that exact spot in Astoria and taken pictures.

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