100 Days – Week of Blocks – Introduction

Detail of Quilt by Nan Green, circa 1930

One thing about quilts that definitely hasn’t changed over the years is that a large percentage of them are made from blocks.

Planetarium Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman, 2010

Block-based quilts break down the work of creating a larger project into more achievable parts. They provide an opportunity to play with geometric shapes, and to create secondary designs where blocks intersect.

Detail of Log Cabin Quilt by Nan Green, 1926

Making a quilt with multiple versions of the same block can also be an excellent way to play with color and print, creating an array of miniature compositions that work together to make something even more wonderful – a finished quilt!

Detail of Canasta Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman, 2010

Quilters today are lucky to be able to draw from both the rich history of quiltmaking and the aesthetics of the present day and, when modern quilters recreate or reimagine traditional blocks, the results can be fabulous.

This week we’ll be featuring block-based quilts and quilt block tutorials and we hope you’ll stick around for the fun. Welcome to the Week of Blocks!