100 Days – Week of Color – Featured Quilt 7

Make It Scrappy!

Today’s featured quilt is Modern Scrappy by Andie Johnson.  Isn’t this a happy quilt!  It’s satisfying to make a quilt from nothing but scraps.  It’s economical and earth friendly.  Even the tiniest piece of fabric can be worked into a scrap quilt.  Many quilters save every piece of fabric and some have elaborate organizational systems so they can access their scraps systematically. Typically a scrap quilt will reflect the fabric taste and color preferences of its maker since the scraps usually come from previously made quilts.

Modern Scrappy Baby by Andie Johnson

Andie’s thoughts on color:

“Quilting for me is all about color. The first thing that I see in any quilt is color. Whether they’re saturated, juicy colors or stark black and white, before I notice any other design element, I see color.  I think what I love the most about using color in quilting is how it can evoke a memory, an emotion or capture an idea. For example, a Double Wedding Ring done in all 1930s feedsack prints set against a white background will have a completely different vibe than the same block made with modern geometric fabrics set against a gray background. I love the possibilities that color gives us to express ourselves.

And oh my, how I love a scrappy quilt! For me, scrappiness lends itself so well to both traditional and modern quilting. Using a collection of scraps, you can make something that looks as though it came straight out of the pioneer days or, on the flip side, something that’s uber-modern, fresh and crisp.  Some of my beloved fabrics making their way into multiple projects is very endearing to me.

More about Andie:

Andie has been sewing and quilting since she was a teen.  She is the Vice President of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild.  Andie finds time to sew even with three teenage children. She is currently co-writing a modern quilting book with Kelly Biscopink to be released in September of 2012.  Congratulations Andie and Kelly!  Andie and her quilts can be found on her blog, AndieJohnsonSews!

4 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Color – Featured Quilt 7

  1. Very nice. Like the pattern alot. Today is one of those days I have been lonesome for my mom. Sometimes that happens. She was a great seamstress and could do so many different things with fabric and also crocheting. Your site reminds me of her. Do you ever just miss your mom. Congratulations on the book for publication in December.

    • My mom’s been gone for almost twenty years now, but sometimes I’ll see a fabric and I’ll reflexively think, “Oh, Mother would love this!” She’d have liked this quilt, too.

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