100 Days – Week of Color – Featured Quilt 6

In Proportion!

Today’s featured quilt is another by Karen Anderson Abraham called “Stormy Seas.”  The colors give the quilt a slightly nautical feel, even though that may not have been what Karen was aiming for.

Stormy Seas by Karen Anderson Abraham

This striking quilt with its effective use of color is a wonderful example of using color in proportion.  The touches of red in the quilt and the binding help create movement in the quilt and the bits of red add zest to the blues.  Karen put in just enough red to bring the quilt to life, but not so much that it overwhelmed.

Proportion is something to think about as you make color choices for your quilt. Changing the proportions of the colors in a quilt can make a big difference in the look of a quilt. Sometimes equal amounts of colors can seem a bit boring or static, but remember there are no hard and fast rules in the color world!  Try different proportions as you are choosing colors and see what you think!

 Karen’s thoughts on her quilt:

Stormy Seas began with a love for solids and this color combination.  Karen said, “This quilt began as a conceptual drawing on my computer.  I loved the drawing and the composition itself, but wasn’t sure how it would translate in fabric.  Never know til you try, right?”

Karen shared that the colors feel a bit stark to her, but even if it might not be her favorite, we love it and think she’s a pretty talented gal.  You can get to know her better on her blog, Bloomingpoppies!