100 Days – Week of Color – Featured Quilt 5

Value is the degree of lightness or darkness of a color.  In its simplest form value is classified as light, medium and dark.  It is easier to determine the value of fabrics of the same color.  With fabrics of different colors it can be a bit trickier. Standing back and viewing fabrics on a design wall, squinting, or using a value viewer or your camera can help you see value differences.

The value of value is that it creates contrast.  Greater value difference results in more contrast and contrast defines shapes.  Not all quilts need high contrast.  A low contrast quilt can be very effective.  Using fabrics with similar values can be a challenge because sometimes fabrics too close in value used together can look muddled.

The featured quilt today is April’s wonderful log cabin quilt.  This quilt exemplifies how using value makes a quilt shine.  April did such a good job choosing fabrics in her log cabin blocks.  The fabrics have enough contrast so that the rounds of logs in her blocks are well defined with just the right amount of contrast. The value differences in her blocks create interest as well and notice how the panel of log cabin blocks pops off the blue background.  Simply lovely!

Modern Log Cabin by April of By Small Means

April’s thoughts on using color:

“When it comes to color, I am a bit of copy cat. I have been known to pull my color combos from flowers in my garden, a fun piece of fabric, a cute shirt I saw on the rack, or the latest book I’ve been reading. From there I may take a favorite color in my latest quilt and try it again with another group of colors but for the most part my color combo choices are inspired by those I see around me. ”

More about April:

April is a stay at home mom with three beautiful children. She and her family are currently living in Turkey and loving it.  April sews when her kiddies after her kiddies are tucked in and when time allows. She blogs at By Small Means and you can find more of her quilts on flickr.

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