100 Days – Week of Color – Featured Quilt 3

Love Your Neighbor!

Analogous colors are colors that are next door to each other on the colorwheel.  Blue and green, or red, orange and yellow are analogous color schemes.  Like good neighbors, analogous colors play well together.  Sometimes it can be nice to let one of the colors dominate when using an analogous color scheme.  Experiment and see what combination you like.

Today’s featured quilt is Half Square Triangle Love by Katie Pedersen.  Katie chose three colors blues, greens and purples combined with a couple of neutrals to play together in this stunning quilt.

Half Square Triangle Love by Katie Pedersen

Katie’s thoughts on her quilt:

“HST LOVE quilt mixes a few of my favorite things, half-square triangles, an analogous color scheme in a mix of value and random order.  Purples, blues and greens are my favorite colors.   Sitting side by side on the color wheel it’s hard to go wrong with these colors.  They flow together creating a quilt that’s easy on the eye, with a pop of white added in for some brightness.  After sewing the blocks, I gave them a shuffle and threw them up on the design wall.  Where they landed is where they stayed for the quilt layout.”

Katie’s thoughts on color:

“I love color.  My design wall is my go to tool for working with color.  I’m constantly putting swatches, strips or pieces of fabric on my design wall to see what works with what.  As I choose colors value is number one with me.  I’ve learned over time that value is more important than color in my quilts.  Value is what makes my work shine.”

More about Katie:

Katie is a Seattle gal and is a founding member of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  Katie teaches modern quilting classes in the Seattle area.  She blogs at SewKatieDid and you can find more of her work on Flickr.

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  1. This quilt brings up two great points–analogous colors and value. Obviously, done right results are fantastic.

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