100 Days – Week of Color – Introduction

Color, glorious color! As Helen tells us, “Don’t be afraid of using colour. I love the joy of colour against crisp white. As the Crowded House song goes, ‘colour is its own reward’.”

DQS #10 by Helen Simpson

As quilters we have all the colors of the rainbow at our fingertips.  It’s a blessing and a challenge at the same time.  Using color is a bit about what you know and a lot about what you love. This week we’ll explore a variety of color schemes and share quilts whose makers have a knack for using color effectively.

Life in Technicolor by Jacquie Gering

Throughout the week with beautiful examples of modern quilts we’ll explore the ‘big three’ color schemes:  complementary, analogous and monochromatic.  We’ll look at what they are and what makes them work.  And what’s color without considering value?  We’ll review the concept of value and its importance in quilting.  In addition, we’ll look at proportion.  How much of a color is just right?  Sometimes a splash of color makes a big impact!

Pink Stacks by Alissa Haight Carlton

Lastly we’ll talk scrappy, using what we have and making all those colors work together.  It can be fun to put everything except maybe the kitchen sink in your quilt.  Scrappy quilts are a staple with quilters and modern quilters are no exception. There’ll be more tutorials too.  On to the Week of Color!

Scrappy Cabins by Jacquie Gering

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  1. The posts on triangles were terrific. And I love – so far – the color posts. I leap out of bed in the morning to see what you have come up with. Thank you, all contributors!

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