100 Days – Week of Shapes – Tutorial Roundup

As we near the end of the Week of Shapes for the 100 Days of Modern Quilting we would like to give you a few tutorials found across blogland that we hope you will try out. Some of these techniques were used to make the quilts that were featured this week and some we just think are cool.

If you’re looking for an easy quilt that makes a statement then check out Sweet Girlie Charm Square Quilt Tutorial by Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call me Betsy. Not only is is based upon squares but, you can also use charm squares to make it.

Another simple tutorial but, great for fussy cutting is the Sparks Baby Quilt by none other than Alissa Haight Carlton from Handmade by Alissa.

For those of you who don’t have the patience to hand piece hexagons, Liz Harvatine aka Lady Harvatine show us how to machine piece hexagons! And, it’s a video tute too!

Machine Pieced Hexagons by Lady Harvatine

And, for those other brave souls who hand piece hexagons and want to know a great way of finishing them Amy Gundson over at badskirt shows us a great way to finish those hand pieced hexagon quilts!

There are quite a few ways to make the infamous Half Square Triangle or the HST. Rachel Griffith over at ps, i quilt shows us one of the most popular methods where you end up with two identical HST’s.

Another HST method is pretty awesome because you end up with four HST’s and you just sew four straight lines onto two identical squares! This tutorial is courtesy of Christina Lane from The Sometimes Crafter guest blogging on whipup.


The easier than it looks method for piecing circles and other shapes is the Six Minute Circle or Pinless Piecing method developed by Dale Fleming. Kim Kight shows us how to do it in a few easy steps on her blog Dioramarama. And here’s a video of Dale on HGTV taking us through the steps.

If glue sticks and freezer paper seems like too much check out Leanne from She Can Quilt as she swears that “sewing curves is not hard, seriously!”

Hopefully these tutorials will inspire you to create something fabulous!