100 Days – Week of Shapes – Featured Quilt 3

Next up in the Week of Shapes is the circle! Isobel Piper who blogs at To Ithaca created this beauty titled Ring Quilt as her reinterpretation of Joelle Hoeverson’s Color-Wheel Quilt from Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. She taught herself to quilt from a number of resources on the internet over the past couple of years and loves to use solid colors and predominantly geometric prints to create useful and beautiful quilts. This one forced her out of her comfort zone as you’ll read in her words below. The clean lines of this 56×56″ circle quilt make this an instant favorite though. Check out those circular quilting lines too!

Ring Quilt by Isobel Piper

Question: What was your inspiration for this quilt?
Isobel: I wanted to make a wedding quilt for my cousin, but I didn’t start on it until after the wedding. The color themes had been yellow and grey, so I decided I’d use that as a color scheme – a bit of a departure for me! After a bit of indecision, I decided to go for the Color Wheel Quilt pattern by Joelle Hoeverson in her book ‘Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts’, but using only grays and yellows. The ring shape links back to the wedding, as well as being a bold graphic statement.

In progress photo from Ring Quilt by Isobel Piper

Question: What is your favorite part of this quilt?
Isobel: I really like the color scheme – I would never have chosen yellows and grays before, but now I’ve branched out into this bit of the spectrum I’m using them in lots of projects. I’m really pleased with the quilting, even though there was a really steep learning curve associated with it!

Question: What did you learn while making this quilt?
Isobel: All the quilting I’ve done previously has been free-motion quilting but I didn’t think it would be quite right for this quilt, so I thought I’d emphasize the circular nature of the quilt with concentric rings, a technique I’d not used before. I learnt that a walking foot is absolutely crucial for line quilting and that the rings get easier to quilt as you get further out! I also learned that I should try more new color schemes – I’m now really happy with using grays and yellows in quilts.

Isobel blogs at toithaca.wordpress.com/ and you can also find her on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/36017542@N05/. She’s hoping a Modern Quilt Guild starts in her hometown of Bristol, UK so she can join. Maybe we can convince her to start one!

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