100 Days of Modern Quilting

Happy New Year and welcome to 100 Days of Modern Quilting!
Get ready for a lot of beautiful modern quilts coming your way.  Starting tomorrow and for the following 14 weeks we’ll be posting every single day right here on The Modern Quilt Guild blog!  Here’s what you get to look forward to:

Week 1: Week of Shapes
Focus on quilts featuring different geometric shapes (squares, hexagons, circles, etc.)

Week 2: Week of Colors
Focus on color schemes, rainbow quilts, etc.

Week 3: Week of Blocks
Focus on block-based quilts and reinterpretations of traditional blocks

Week 4: Week of Improvisation
Focus on improvisational piecing techniques

Week 5: Week of Inspiration
Focus on different sources of inspiration and how they’re interpreted into quilts

Week 6: Week of Composition
Focus on different kinds of compositions, use of negative space, etc.

Week 7: Week of Prints
Focus on quilts that effectively use print fabrics

Week 8: Week of Solids
Focus on quilts that effectively use solid fabrics

Week 9 : Week of Using What You Have
Focus on scrap quilts and repurposed materials

Week 10: Week of Techniques
Focus on quilts made using different popular online tutorials (Ticker Tape, String Quilts, Mod Mosaic, etc.)

Week 11: Week of Collaboration
Focus on quilting bees

Week 12: Week of Participation
Focus on challenges and quilt alongs

Week 13: Week of Tools
Focus on tools that make modern quilting easier

Week 14: Week of Machine Quilting
Focus on different styles and techniques including long arm vs. finishing at home

Each week will feature 7 different modern quilts that represent the topic. We’ll also include tutorials from around the web on each topic, and a brand new tutorial each and every week!

This series of posts will educate, inform and inspire.  We hope that after 100 days of posting you’ll have learned a lot about modern quilting!

Before we get started, we wanted to make sure you’ve all read our post that answers the question “what is modern quilting?”  If you haven’t read it yet, please take some time to check it out.  You can find it here.

Welcome to 100 Days of Modern Quilting from The Modern Quilt!

39 thoughts on “100 Days of Modern Quilting

  1. So looking forward to this. What a great way to start off the New Year. And in advance I would like to thank you all for all your hard work on putting this together. I know it must have taken many hours of planning by all.

  2. Terrific! Looking forward to it! I have been sewing over the Christmas 2011 break, and have just posted in Dec. on my blog, too. Happy Stitching, All!

  3. May I ask why the only ‘quilting’ being focused on is machine quilting and for that matter doing it on a short-arm machine versus a long-arm? By first glance it feels like the actual quilting process is almost tertiary to everything else that goes into quilts.

    • Hi Candace!

      Well I’d say that most modern quilters machine quilt on their home machines. As we all grow and develop as quilters, some of us are learning and using long arms more and some are falling in love with hand quilting. But there’s no denying that in terms of percentages, most of us machine quilt on our home machines. Hope that answers your question! Thanks!

  4. Hi
    is there some way to auto follow? (for those of us whose brains sometimes forget stuff)
    is there subscribe somewhere?
    thanks 🙂

  5. My head is spinning – this is such a great series the pace is killin’ me, everyday I want to start a new project that I see!

  6. Thank you for all of the planning, organizing, writing and photo sorting that you most certainly have taken on in starting this series. It is mind boggling and SO MUCH appreciated!

  7. I am new to this. How do I to go look at what (?) to see all the quilts. I am not very interested in leaving comments but very interested in the quilts, designs etc. Dee

  8. Thank you so much for doing this. I just started searching the web the other day to look for ideas for the aesthetic I have in my head, and here I found this tutorial. I had these visions for a more evolved look than what I normally see in books and magazines, but couldnt put it all together. With your help, I will be able to create my own designs with modern quilting principles. It is rare to find something so thoroughly prepared like this program will be. Thank you.

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