100 Days of Modern Quilting: Call for Submissions

The Modern Quilt Guild is preparing for 100 Days of Modern Quilting and we want you to join us!

100 Days of Modern Quilting will be a 100-day celebration on The Modern Quilt Guild’s blog that will feature fabulous modern quilts and tutorials. We want as many MQG members as possible to help us create an “online exhibit” to show off all of the wonderful work going on in our community.

We’re currently seeking submissions in the following categories:

Quilts and their stories
We want to see photos of your favorite modern quilts and hear the stories behind them. To submit your quilt, send us the following information:
1. Your name and contact information

2. The name and size of your quilt

3. One photo of your quilt. If we select your quilt, we may ask for more, but please send just one for now.

4. A brief description of the quilt including what, in your opinion, makes it modern. If the quilt is not your original design, please include information about the pattern or inspiration. If you didn’t do the quilting, please include the name of the quilter.

5. A brief description of you as a quilter. If you’re a member of a modern quilt guild, tell us which one.

Please submit only finished quilts made by you. We will consider up to 3 entries per quilter. Images previously published by you (for instance on your blog or Flickr) are welcome.

Online tutorials
One of the best things about the modern quilting community is the wealth of information its members share online. We want to hear about your favorite online tutorials. Tutorials can be new or old, written by you or written by someone else. Tutorials don’t necessarily need to be block or quilt patterns, but should be quilting related (for instance, patchwork pillows or machine quilting techniques). Note: We will not feature any tutorial without first obtaining the permission of the author.

To nominate a tutorial, please send us a link to the tutorial, along with a brief explanation of why you love it.

Please send your submissions to 100days@themodernquiltguild.com by midnight Pacific Time on August 30.

18 thoughts on “100 Days of Modern Quilting: Call for Submissions

  1. Are we allowed to submit Bee quilts? Meaning some of the blocks are made by others but it is OUR quilt, we put them all together and made it our own? THANKS!

  2. I am trying to create a database of ‘Modern Quilt Books’.

    If anyone would like to send me titles and authors, I would appreciate it. The beginning of the list is a document on the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild Facebook. Thanks

    • HI Jennifer – we’re working to put together the full 100 Days and will be launching it in January. It will be just a bit more time before we tell the people who submitted if they are in or not. Thanks for your patience!

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