Project Modern: Challege 2 Winners!

In Challenge 2 of Project Modern, the Modern Quilt Guild challenged the quilting community to design a monochromatic quilt. We were so thrilled to get 71 entries!  You can see them all in this flickr group. (Just join the group to see all the photos.)  Our judge for Challenge 2, Malka Dubrawsky was so impressed with the overall quality of all of the entries! Thanks Malka for time and effort that you put into judging for us!

Ok – on to the business at hand! And the winners are (in no particular order)!

Challenge Winner #1: Jill Collins

Malka says: Wow! I think you really did a lot with a limited color palette. Your monochromatic quilt has so much color subtlety and all those bits of color enhance the energy of the star-like shape. It’s amazingly graphic and that’s hard to do without a lot of contrasting colors. Really, quite impressive. Congratulations!


Jill’s Description:

This quilt is called “Yellow Quilt”. I was inspired by a very bold, graphic photograph I came across of a tile pattern on the side of a building. I had been wanting to make a quilt for our brown and yellow family room, so I decided to take this image and translate it into a yellow quilt. This is a color that I have not worked with much and I wanted to really challenge myself. My process started with pulling the original photo into a CAD program and drafting a pattern for the quilt over the photo. I then took the drawing and ‘colored’ it with several different schemes in Illustrator until I came up with one I liked. With my color scheme in hand I ordered 10 different kona solids from the yellow palette. I didn’t end up using all of the solids, I really wanted to add some prints for a bit more of the fun, modern feeling that I was going for. It was really hard to find fabrics that gave me the feeling I wanted and were truly monochromatic. The solids range from the palest wheat-yellow to a deep ochre, and the prints are all yellow on yellow and simple dots. It was really fun and challenging to make a quilt with a limited palette like this, and it has given me a lot of confidence that I can step out of my comfort zone and come up with an end result that I am really proud of.

Challenge Winner #2: Heather Jones

Malka says: There are so many things I love about this quilt. First off, being a fan of Albers myself, I totally see the reference and I think it’s beautifully done. Also, the simplicity of this quilt and the scale of the blocks really work together. I think the pinks take it past it’s Bauhaus reference to pop art. It references so much, but is also just plain pretty as well. Great job!


Heather’s description:
The Anni quilt is my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Project Modern: Challenge 2–Monochromatic. It’s made out of four shades of pink solid cotton, and the design was inspired by the Modernist painter Josef Albers’ series of works titled Homage to the Square. His wife Anni was a fibers artist who worked as a weaver and also designed textiles. Anni believed that fabrics should be considered as an art form in and of themselves, in both their functional use day to day, but also in their use as hanging works of art. So, I felt it was fitting to name my quilt after her.

I sketched out this quilt design a few months ago, after browsing through some works by Albers. I thought his square paintings would relate nicely to quilt blocks. In my design I decided to shift the layout of the squares. I placed the smallest square directly on the base of the larger square, instead of having the square float inside the larger one, as they frequently do in Albers’ paintings. While I was planning the project, I was immediately drawn to using pink fabrics for the quilt. After a long, cold winter, I thought a nice pop of pink would would do me some good.

The quilt measures 62” x 62”, and each of its four large blocks measures just over 24” square. I used four shades of pink cotton: the center of the smallest square is Robert Kaufman’s Kona Medium Pink, the middle sized square is Moda’s Bella Peony, the largest square is Bella Magenta, and the sashing and binding is Kona Pale Flesh. The backing is Bella Peony with one small pieced square, repeating the design on the front of the quilt.I really think the large scale of the blocks, with the shift in color from lighter to darker pink, gives this quilt a lot of movement. The framing of the blocks with the palest pink provides visual emphasis to each pieced square, but also ties everything together in the form of yet another square. I love the look of heavy quilting and all the texture that it adds to a quilt. I decided to use 1/4” straight line quilting with light pink thread for this project because I think it really compliments the square motifs of the design.

Challenge Winner #3: Mary Lane Brown

Malka says: Oh man, I totally love this quilt. it goes beyond being a quilt and becomes a textile. By that I mean it celebrates pattern and design. Amazingly, it seems to do that with the simplest of shapes, squares and triangles. It’s all about how you manipulated the values. It’s a quilt of illusion and I’m a big fan. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt!


Mary’s Description:This quilt is a 54″x54″ quilt I am calling Shadowboxer. It is made using 2 Moda crossweaves as the hex shapes and a moda grunge + solid as the two shadow colors. This was inspired by a 1970’s purse I saw while thrifting. I thought it would translate well into a monochrome quilt and when I saw the challenge posted that very week I knew I had to try. I chose green because it is my favorite color. A friend remarked that the quilt looks like a Turtle Shell which is so true. I figured out a simpler construction method toward the end and it was so much easier I know I want to make another quilt like this perhaps in a neutral color scheme of warm whites. I quilted the top/bottom of each hex in the ditch and then did straight line quilting 1/4″ apart in the shadow sections that followed the angles of the shadow. I used a green variegated Affinity thread.

Another Winner

Did  you enter to win the Janome Horizon? We will be picking the winner at the end of the contest period in September, 2011 (you’ll have two more chances to enter over the coming months).  To coincide with each of the Project Modern Challenges we are picking a winner of a smaller prize pack. Of course we used the random number generator and out of 1409 entries, number 640 won! Congrats, Teresa Eliason of Chesapeake, VA. You will receive a copy of Malka’s book, Fresh Quilting.

Congrats to all of the winners and thanks to all the entrants!

Also a huge thank you to all of the generous Challenge 2 sponsors,  Interweave, Robert Kaufman and Janome America

Lastly, please check back here on April 18th to enter to win the Janome Horizon and we hope that you are all working away at Challenge 3!

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  1. These quilts are amazing. My favorite is Jill’s (and I’m not a yellow fan). Does she have any plan to sell the pattern for this?? Any info would be nice.


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