Challenge 1 Winners!

In Challenge 1 of Project Modern, the Modern Quilt Guild challenged the quilting community to design a quilt based upon a photo that inspired them. We were pleased to get 45 entries! As the entries started to pour in we couldn’t wait to see them all and get them handed over for judging. Our judge for Challenge 1, Valori Wells really took her time with each entry not only looking at the quilts but, also reading the description of how the photos inspired the quilt. Thanks Valori for the care and time that you put into this!

And, without further delay (drum roll please) in no particular order, the winners are:

Challenge Winner #1: Kristen MacDonald

Valori says: I love the photo and the graphic quality along with the organic feel. The quilt takes on the same feel. I think the color choices are perfect to compliment the color of the photo. Very cool!

Kristen’s Description:

For my job last summer, I routinely drove through acres of grass seed fields.

I was fascinated by the sweetly changing yellow of the field against the brilliant blue of the sky. When the sun would hit the fields in the afternoon, they would glitter like gold. It took my breath away every time.

After the grass seed was cut, it was left in rows. I was inspired by the striped effect this made. When I made my quilt, I chose to echo those stripes, as well as incorporating the color variations of the field and clouds.

Kristen’s Inspiration Photo:

Challenge Winner #2: Heather Jones

Valori says: I do really like this quilt . . . it is one of my faves.

Heather’s description:

This was such a fun project for me and I’m thrilled to submit it for the first challenge of Project Modern. The inspiration for this quilt came from a grid in the parking lot of our local Walmart. I’m sure I have seen that grid many times before, but one day a couple of months ago, I was really struck by its visual design as my husband was driving through the lot. Luckily, I had my sketchbook in my purse, so I grabbed it and a pencil, and drew a quick sketch of the grid. I played with the pattern a bit more at home, and felt that the simple, yet bold design would work really well with solid cottons.

I used Moda Bella solids in Weathered Teak, Robin’s Egg Blue, Orange, and Pistachio for the quilt, and Pistachio Bella for the binding. I really love how those four colors work together. The quilt’s back is pieced with those fabrics, as well as the addition of Kona Cotton in Ash. The batting is cotton and I machine quilted it, rather heavily, in an organic meandering pattern, using cotton thread in a color very similar to the Weathered Teak. I think the contrast between the regularity of the grid pattern and the organic shapes and swirls of the quilting adds to the visual interest of the quilt. I did not pre-wash my fabrics, so after the quilt was washed, it crinkled quite a bit, which to me is the best part! It measures roughly 62 by 67 inches and was completed in November of 2010.

And, the photo that inspired Heather:

Challenge Winner #3: Mary Claire Allen

Valori says: I love the story with this quilt. Something I can relate to, the oops factor! But she made it work and I love the use of the quilting and the simplicity of the piecing.

Mary’s Description: I am primarily a see it somewhere first, then make my version, kind of crafter. When I saw the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge #1 I thought, “I need to do this.  I need to make something that is entirely mine.  I have a few quilts under my belt; it’s time”.   So off my mind went, searching for just the right thing.  I read about City Quilts and more about the modern quilting movement.  Surely now my brain was primed to come up with the perfect “me” Challenge Quilt.

This Midwest summer was long and HOT.  HOT!  Watching the news one day, hearing about more hot weather is when inspiration hit.  Warm front.  I need to make a warm front quilt.  I could make a quilt with the little pointy triangles just
like the warm front symbol on a weather map; I loved the idea and felt oh so clever!

Soon after I made my quilt top with some grey fabric and a few cherished patterned triangles, my dear sister broke me the news.  My warm front?  Yeah, um, well…is actually a cold front.  What?  Are you sure? Really?

Really.  Maybe it was me subconsciously wishing for cooler weather?  Maybe my meteorology teacher is turning over in his grave (sorry Mr. T!)?  No worries; the quilt is still me (maybe even *more* me now with this little blunder) and now that the colder weather is here I can snuggle up under it to stay warm and pretend I planned it that way.  {wink}

I quilted my quilt with weather in mind, particularly precipitation and weather maps.  I used two colors of orange thread to give it some personality (and because, let’s be honest, I ran out of the first color) and tried to depict rain, wind, lighting, and iso-lines.

Making my Warm Front, “It’s a Cold Front”, Quilt was so much fun and I just love that it has its own little funny story.  I am certainly looking forward to doing more original design quilting and crafting in the future and can’t wait to be inspired by all the other entries in this Challenge!

Another Winner

Did any of you enter to win the Janome 7700 Horizon? We wont be picking the winner until the end of the contest period in September of 2011 (and you’ll have several more chances to enter over the coming months). But, to coincide with each of the Project Modern Challenges we will pick a winner of a smaller prize pack. Of course we used the random number generator and out of 1331 entries, number 1177 won! Congrats, Nancy Uyeda of Santa Clara, CA. You will receive the fabric prize pack featured here.

Thanks to All the Entrants!

Thanks to everyone that entered Challenge 1 of Project Modern. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some of the other quilts that we loved! And be sure to check back in the new year as we announce Challenge 2. It is our hope that we’ll have even more entries for round two!

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  1. It would be nice to have a photo gallery that we can see all the entries?
    Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to the next challenge.

  2. I’d love to see all the entries, but it looks like the flickr page has been disabled, can we have it back up? Congrats to the winners, Kristen I love your quilt!

  3. Such gorgeous quilts there, and I think what makes them even more beautiful is that they all have a story behind them. It just makes them so much more personal and beautiful in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them in the Flickr group.

  4. I just came across your site tonight and my heart is going nuts! First tthe challenge quilts are outstanding! I am a beginners beginners quilter. Although I have been at it for about 3 years now I am one of those slow learners. I get so excited by all the patterns and fabric! Well I will be reading over the challenge 2 but don’t know if I will join it or not yet. But I am here to stay and learn and hopefully improve my skills. I am i love with the sewing machine and will have to read up on how to win it. Well ladies ( and gents if any) thank you for having me and I will be back soon. To the winners congratulations! Jill

  5. Hi, Guild members. I just found this site, and I’m loving it, all your quilts are wonderful. And I was wondering where can I get the pattern for that lovely grey quilt, the one with the hot pink back. It’s very difficult to find quilt materials and patterns here in Spain, so any help would be most welcome.

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