Checking in with Project Modern – Challenge 1

We are just about at the halfway mark for Challenge 1 of Project Modern. How are all of you doing? You’re so quiet out there! We just know it is because you are busy rearranging fabric on your design wall, quilting away, and coming up with a masterpiece to enter into the first challenge. (If you’re not doing this then you must be distracted daydreaming about winning the Janome Horizon sewing machine!) The entries have started to trickle in already but, we can’t wait to see what all of you are working on!

For those of you who haven’t started yet, don’t dismay. You still have about 45 days to whip up something fabulous! Click here to read all about the first Project Modern challenge including our amazing judge, Valori Wells, and the many wonderful prizes you can win.

Project Modern: Challenge 1 is all about creating a quilt that is inspired by a photo of something in your world. What are you inspired by? Here’s a picture that inspired one of our planning committee members recently.

The fun thing about creating a quilt inspired by a photo is that 10 different people can look at the same photo and come up with 10 different ideas. What would a quilt look like if you used this photo for inspiration? Would you be inspired by the subtle but distinct gradations of colors in the building? Would you use the same color family of oranges and reds or would you go for another color family and still create a similar effect? Would you be inspired by the dimensions of the long skinny planks? Would you create something literal and include a representation of the little square windows in your quilt. Would you look at the contrast with the surrounding buildings, the blue sky and maybe even the dirt and the shrubs and somehow include this contrast in your quilt? Or would you design a quilt inspired by how this picture makes you feel when you look at it? So many possibilities!

Be inspired! And be sure to submit your entries to before the deadline on November 30, 2010! (Once again you can find full contest details and rules here.)

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  1. I have my top finished. Just gotta get my act together to get the backing ready and get it sandwiched! I even bought the perfect thread for quilting… Glad to know I have a few more weeks to finish!

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