Announcement on the horizon!

Last Monday’s post wrapped up the guild updates.  For now!  It’s wonderful to see what all of the various guilds are up to.  So inspiring and exciting. Those of you who didn’t get a chance to tell us all about what you’re up to – don’t worry.  We’ll do it again!

Today we’re here to let you know that you should absolutely check back in two weeks when we’ll be announcing something BIG! And fun!  A hint?  It’s something that all of us are going to be able to do together.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it so be sure to check back here on August 16th when all of the details will be revealed!!

5 thoughts on “Announcement on the horizon!

  1. I’m so curious! Can’t wait for the big announcement! I’m already planning on sharing it with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild when we meet on August 19th!

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