Austin Modern Quilt Guild

From Laura Pierce, co-president of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild

Hi there! Our group got started in January of 2010 and has been growing and evolving ever since.  What started as a few folks meeting in a downtown eatery to visit and plan for the future of the group has grown to a loyal bunch of regulars that meet to do projects together, share our creations, and just enjoy the company of fellow quilters and artisans.

Austin has a wonderful artistic community and we have been on the receiving end of some amazing generosity.  Stitch Lab ( is an amazing local modern fabrics shop and studio full of cutting edge classes.  Leslie Bonnell, the owner and founder of the studio, has opened her doors to us for the past few months.  She has given us an amazing space to meet in and a great selection of modern fabrics to purchase as well.  Some of our members have already taken classes there and others have classes on their wish lists for the future.  While we are on the cusp of outgrowing the space available there, our group will always be grateful for the kindness shown to us by the local crafting community and Stitch Lab in particular.

Our group ranges from those with decades of sewing and quilting experience to those who have just completed their first quilt and can’t wait to get started on their next.  We also welcome those who just want to learn a bit about modern quilting and are looking for encouragement when starting their quilting journey.

At our last meeting, we took a big step forward and elected officers for our group.  We have two Presidents who work together with a Web Admin and Secretary to keep our little group growing and flourishing.  Our Presidents are myself, Laura Pearce, and Adrienne Pryor.  Our Secretary is Mitzi Muirhead.  She posts all our updates and meeting minutes onto our site and keeps everyone informed of the latest news.  Our Web Admin is Bobbi Brekke.  She has been working hard to set up a user friendly and welcoming group for us over on Facebook.  Please pop in and say hello if you are in our area or are visiting our area and want to come to a meeting.  You can find the group here:

We also have a Flickr group page here:

Our current goals, as a group, are to find a larger meeting space and continue to grow in membership.  Membership does not require any dues and we welcome newcomers.  Feel free to pop in and say hello on our site.  Thanks again for letting me share a bit about our group with you.

5 thoughts on “Austin Modern Quilt Guild

  1. You girls go! We quilters who have been quilting for years are so proud and happy to see you with your own flair in our art! I quilt with Adrienne’s mom in Oklahoma.

  2. Hi there! Deborah and I just want to introduce ourselves. We are the co-owners of a new store in central Austin called Walker Hall Design. Our address is 904 West 12th Street, Suite D, Austin TX 78703, right behind the Tavern Restaurant in the Enfield Center. We offer home furnishings, lighting, gifts for baby and FABRIC!

    We hope to see you sometime soon!

  3. I am one of the Texas representatives to the Studio Art Quilt Associates and currently have a trunk of mini quilts (one of several traveling trunk shows from SAQA) which I would love to share with your group. It will be in Austin for another couple weeks, so please let me know if you are meeting and would like to see it or if I could bring it to someone’s home for a viewing. Lynne Allen 512 305 3278

  4. I would love to visit your group. Can you tell me when and where you are currently meeting? I have a friend who also wants to come see what it is all about. I don’t use facebook or twitter.

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