Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

From Kit Lang, President of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

Hello all, greetings from the frozen North! (Actually it’s 32 degrees here today – a toasty 90 degrees F, so not so frozen up here in the North.) Joking aside, we are the most northerly chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild, here in Toronto, Canada, but despite our purported coldness, we’re warm and glowing with happiness to be part of it. Thank you so much to Alissa and Latifah for starting it!

“Baby Go Round” by DivaQuilts

Our Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild came into existence by accident. I was very interested in joining a modern quilt guild, but one didn’t exist. I wrote to Alissa and Latifah at different times, asking whether anyone had expressed interest in starting one in our city, and was always told – “No, only you”. Eventually, at the suggestion of Alissa, I decided to open up a web site for Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and hope that “if I built it, they would come”. Come they did, but only online, and none of them seemed interested in leading a new, real-time, guild.

“Mermaid Quilt” by Nadia

So, I decided we should have an informal meeting, and the following month we had another informal meeting, and the month after that, we had a third informal meeting, but at that one we voted ourselves into existence, and there we were – Toronto Modern Quilt Guild – with me as President! I went home and said to my spouse “How did THAT happen?”

“Hope Valley” quilt by Tong

Perhaps because of our informal beginnings, we’ve continued to be so, but our group has gotten to a size (76 members) that means we can no longer be so informal. Luckily, the guild has attracted an incredibly talented and wonderfully experienced Vice-President in the person of Jenni Wood, a textile artist, recently moved to Canada from the UK; and a very versatile and gifted Financial Officer in the person of Kristy Mohan.

“Wedding Quilt” by Kristy Mohan

With their combined expertise and experience, the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild will be a very exciting group to be part of this fall! The executive team will be meeting and planning over the summer to create a dynamic and active group in the 2010-11 season.

“Holiday Hostess” by Karen McClean
From Kit Lang, President of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

In the meantime, our group continues to meet at a local sewing shop NTD: (, where we show off our projects, learn from each other, have spirited conversations and enjoy the company of other modern quilters.

“Un Poco Loco” by Kit Lang

We’re looking forward to our first official year with great anticipation. In the meantime, happy quilting to you all!

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  1. It’s great to hear about the success of the Toronto MQG! I’m working to start the Vancouver MQG and I’m happy to hear about another Canadian MQG.

  2. Hi there

    I followed your link, but I guess its not up yet. I’ll check out the Flikr group too.

    I’m in Hamilton, but working in Oakville and would love to join your mailing list for the toronto guild (if there is such a thing!)


    sarah DOT c DOT hastings AT gmail DOT com

  3. My name is Jennifer and I am a primary response worker with LOFT Community Services. As part of a larger team in the North York Region, I support seniors with dementia and mental health issues in the community. I am emailing you because I am wondering if your store or any of your customers would be interested in donating a sensory blanket to our clients. A sensory quilt is made up of various scrap quilting materials with different textures to make a small blanket for seniors to touch. Seniors with dementia respond very well to the multi-textured quilts. To learn more about us, you can visit

    Let me know if you can help our cause in any way possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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