Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild

From Janet, founder of the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild.

The Indianapolis Quilt Guild started out of my desire to meet other people in my area who share my sewing interest and love of modern quilting.  We had our third meeting in May and it was our biggest group yet.  I am so excited that our group is starting to take off!

Our guild has members of all ages and experience levels, and we welcome anyone interested in learning to quilt and love having experienced quilters who can give advice and share techniques!

The IMQG has members not only from Indianapolis, but from all over the central Indiana area.  This makes it difficult for all of our members to come to the monthly meetings, but I have organized a virtual quilting bee that is starting in June.  There are 13 participants from all over central Indiana, so the group can either swap in person at the meetings or by mail.  I have the first month and I have already received blocks!  We have a really great group, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations in the following months.

At the May meeting, we started off with introductions since there were a lot of new faces; then everyone who brought something did their show and tell.

This was Melie’s first quilt!

Tisha is discussing how she took apart her wedding dress to use for a project.

Sue shows off the amazing quilt she made with “ugly fabric”!

Karen shows off her bubbly baby quilt.

Joan shows off her favorite piece of fabric she hand dyed.

Rachael’s  quilt came straight from the dryer to the meeting!

Meg asks for opinions on how to quilt her wall hanging.

Katie is not in love with the extreme skateboarding fabric she got in her Quilt For Kids charity kit

Several of our members signed up to do the Quilt for Kids charity quilts sponsored by Downy.   In the kit, you receive everything to make your quilt besides the batting.  Some of the fabric choices are…interesting to say the least.  We all had fun comparing the fabrics we were sent.

We wrapped up the meeting with a mystery fat quarter swap.  Everyone brought 2 FQs wrapped up and we put them in a pile on the table.  Everyone got two turns picking fat quarters and then we all opened them to see what we got.

For future meetings we are hoping to learn to hand dye fabric, and hopefully have some sew along meetings where we can all work on the same project together.  A few members also have a trip planned to go fabric shopping together.  I am hoping as our membership grows, we will be able to do more activities together.

The IMQG is pretty casual, we do not collect dues yet and have not assigned or voted in leadership positions.  We are still a little too new for that and still learning what works best for our members.  Perhaps in the future as the group grows and becomes more active we will become a more formal organization.  There are many traditional quilting guilds in the Indianapolis area that are quite organized and rigid; so right now we are just working on expanding our membership and figuring out what direction we would like our group to go.

I appreciate The Modern Quilt Guild giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about the IMQG!

7 thoughts on “Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild

  1. Hello,

    Does The Modern Quilt Guild accept donations of fabric material remnants and scrap material, or does it even purchase these from individuals wanting to find a useful home for old pieces of fabric?

    My mother stored several boxes and bags of fabric and scrap fabric pieces that we are wishing to find a good useful home for.

    If not, do you have any suggestions who might be interested?

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,

    Bill Marsh

  2. Greetings lovely people of the Modern Quilt Guild of Indy! My name is Joanna Winston. I am the new Educational Coordinator of the Jo-Ann Fabrics store currently in construction on E. Washington Street over on Indy’s Eastside, adjacent to our current location at Cherry Tree Plaza. I am currently in the process of locating instructors for our exciting new line up of fall courses at Jo-Ann’s – including a total of 6 potential Quilting Instructor opportunities. All instructor positions are paid positions and have negotiable hours. We could not function without artists such as yourselves, so this is an opportunity for us to give back to you, the imaginative minds that make our business possible everyday. Classes range from beginner to advanced and instructors are welcome to teach more than one class with us in our private classrooms. Interested parties are more than welcome to call 317-850-7997 for more information. If leaving a message, please clearly state your full name, knitting/crochet skill level & experience briefly, and a number or email at which we might contact you reliably. Thanks so much for your time and we hope to hear from your talented individuals soon!

    Cheers & peace,
    -Joanna Winston

  3. I would be interested to know when and where you are meeting if you still are. I am fairly new to Carmel, Indiana and am only here 6 months of year…but looking for a quilt group

  4. I was wondering if you all are still meeting. I would love to join the group. I live about an hour and a half south of Indy. I would try to come to meetings once or twice a month just let me know where and when.

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