NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild

From Amy,  member of the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild

We are a new chapter and held our second meeting  this past weekend. Between the two meetings our attendance averaged about 24 of the 70 members we currently have signed up on the website. So far we’re a pretty laid back bunch (despite what you may have heard about New Yorkers). There are some other guilds in the area which are highly structured so it’s our consensus for the time being, to be a little bit liberated  about our mission (like our quilting). Both meetings have been held at the spacious and light-filled loft of Victoria (Bumble Beans) in the Garment District. Victoria has done a huge amount of charity work through her quilting and as a guild we’ve decided to adopt some of her favorite charities and undertake some group projects. At the first meeting, for example, we stitched bindings onto some quilts which Victoria made from donated fabrics and blocks. We did a scrap bag exchange at our second meeting and are planning on having a scrap table at future meetings.

Without question the highlight of our meetings has been show and tell. It’s so wonderful to see the work, both finished and in-progress, of fellow quilters and to hear them speak—with such enthusiasm—about their process and vision.

Our group has an unusually small internet presence in that the majority of our members don’t blog about their quilting, so for them, this is the only way to get feedback from other quilters. Members run the gamut from those who consider themselves artists to those who call themselves quilters and many in between. Some are new to it and others have a lifetime of experience. We are all really excited about learning from and being inspired by each other. And it’s in this vein that we are planning mini-workshops at future meetings to be taught by members who have a particular expertise in a specific area. Upcoming workshops include: paper piecing, painting on fabric, and bias cut continuous binding.

In addition to the charity work and workshops we are discussing our future plans as they relate to regularly scheduled meetings (currently scheduled to take place every two months) and meeting places. We are hoping to take advantage of all that our geographical area has to offer us and plan outings and events in the future. It is also one of our hopes for the guild that our membership will be able to obtain some ‘buying power’ at our local fabric shops (of which we only have two – crazy, right?).  At this point we don’t have any government other than myself and Victoria (but if you’re interested, we’re hiring!) and we don’t really know what we’re doing. We just love quilting, consider ourselves modern, and wanted a group of people to talk to about it!
If you’re in the area, check out our website for details about upcoming meetings and events and be sure to come by and say ‘hi’.

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  1. I am so impressed by the amount of creative thinking in our group. It’s been an adventure to find our path, and feel we are moving in the right direction to keep all the creative juices flowing! Thanks Modern Quilt guild for inspiring us and giving us a platform to give it a whirl!

  2. Sounds like an awesome group! I loved hearing about your meetings and the photos are great…looks like fun! Those quilts are absolutely stunning! Our 1st meeting is coming up this weekend…woohoo!

  3. Good morning,
    I am curating a quilt show at the Osilas Gallery at Concordia College, Bronxville, NY.
    I would be pleased to send you the press release and a list of artists.
    I am wondering if I may send you a package of invitations for your membership.
    If anyone will be able to attend the opening reception on Thursday night, November 4th at 7PM, The college would be please to send a shuttle bus
    to the Bronxville train station.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Kenise Barnes

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