Houston Modern Quilt Guild

From Cherri House, member of the Houston MQG

Howdy y’all…welcome to the Houston Modern Quilt Guild!

Our Houston guild was established in February, and we have just had our 3rd meeting.  Currently we have 38 members, and 12 are attending regularly.  Considering all of the quilters in the Houston area, we know that there must be more modern quilters lurking about.  In order to bring them into the fold we are getting ready to send out invitations through the local quilt stores to hopefully include in their newsletters.  Once the word is out, we hope to add many more members.  Since our numbers are small,  our monthly meetings are held in our own homes on a rotating basis. This welcoming environment has allowed us to get to know one another better, which has been great!

During our April meeting we had our officer elections, as well as making decisions regarding dues, meeting schedules, selecting a charity of choice (Quilts for Kids and quilts to support our military personnel.)  During our monthly meetings, apart from the all important sewing time, we will discuss any guild business, welcome new members, plus we will have a teaching segment where someone shares a skill with the group.  Our first teaching time will be string piecing on foundation blocks; other upcoming topics include paper piecing, the 6 minute circle, and applique.

Members expressed through a brief survey their hopes for our Modern Quilt Guild.  Sentiments felt by all were a warm and friendly environment where learning was encouraged, a desire to find like minded fabric loving friends, a place without judgment, and most of all FUN!

Thanks to everyone that initiated the Modern Quilt Guild movement!  We are off to a good start in Houston, and we are happy to be a part of this fantastic group.

11 thoughts on “Houston Modern Quilt Guild

  1. Cherri–Thanks for your update on the Houston MQG, sounds to me like you are on the right track. We have our first planning meeting of the Ft. Collins (CO) MQG this Thursday (4.29). Was wondering if you could share your survey with us…was thinking we’d want to do something similar. Thanks. jar80631 at google dot com.

  2. I have only been able to attend 1 of the 3 meetings but I had a blast. Everyone was so sweet and kind and we got to go through a bunch of Cherri’s and Lizzy’s quilts that were all beuaitful and totally inspiring. I can’t wait for the next meeting and for a bunch of new members to join our fun new group!

  3. i see great things for us at the houston chapter – the small group of regular attendees have definitely bonded quickly. so much so that it seems we’ve known each other for years instead of just since february.

    any of you who have joined, but not attended – please come play! we’d love to have you and there is no shortage of laughter, constructive criticism and friendly faces to help you along the way.

  4. I’m a member of the KCMQG, but my sisters and my mom live in Houston. I’m hopeful that I can time a trip in the next few months to coincide with your meetings. If so, I’ll let you know I’m coming and I’ll bring something to show and tell! 🙂

  5. I am on Houston and very interested in your guild. Can you please let me know how to find you and join? Thanks, and look forward to meeting you!

  6. I have submitted a request to join some time ago via big tent but I never received a response. Is the club still meeting? I would love to join!

  7. Where is the information about what will go on at the meeting (e.g., techniques to be presented or other speaker info)? Is this Flickr page the main info site? The web search takes you to a bunch of different spots!

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