Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

From Mary Pustejovsky who is the president of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.

So far we’ve had two meetings of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. Our first meeting had about 24 people, and the second about 20.

We had a lovely show and tell at both.

At our second meeting we held a book review, and each person brought a book and/or a piece inspired by a book. It was so great to see what inspires other people, and get a peek at books we might want to add to our collection!

Coming up next is the International Quilt Festival Chicago, which is quite a big show. There are at least two groups of Chicago Modern Quilters heading there to check out quilts, do some shopping, and be a little inspired.

Then at our next meeting we’ll have a workshop led by Angela on how to make your very own ticker tape quilt!

We have a wonderful program committee, headed up by Ebony. They’re totally amazing!! They have the entire year planned out with lots of activities–some lectures, some workshops, guest speakers, etc–a little bit of everything to keep things interesting and keep people engaged.

In particular, I’m excited about our upcoming “ICE” challenge.  Each person will bring a small block they’ve made out of four fat quarters. They’ll bring the leftover fabric in a bag with the block and will leave with someone else’s bag. They’ll have two months to come back with a mini-quilt for that person.

A couple more photos from our show and tells:

We’ve got people from all over the Chicago area. Some from near the Wisconsin border and others from Indiana! We welcome them all. I think this year is going to be a great year of growth and getting to know everyone.

All photos by Kate at katekwiltz.

8 thoughts on “Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

  1. That last quilt is KILLING me it’s so gorgeous. Applique? Itajime? The colors are amazing. Love everything about it.

  2. Who made that amazing vegetable quilt?? I tried to find more info on the Ning site but didn’t see antyhing. I want to know more about it.

  3. Ivy, I’m pretty sure that was Jenny – an art education major who screen printed the veggies. You can contact her through our Ning site – just look for Jenny (ie?) in the members listing.

  4. I am looking for information on your group. I am putting together a data base of quilt groups from Il and WI. I need an email, head of your group, address, and phone number. Thanks

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