Everything’s Up To Date (Modern) In Kansas City

Our First Meeting

There is nothing like meeting like-minded quilters and sharing and learning from each other in person!  The Modern Quilt Guild movement has made this possible, and those of us in Kansas City can’t thank Alissa, Latifah and the LA Group enough for taking the first step and inspiring all of us to follow in their footsteps.

In Kansas City we are about 3 months into the life of our guild.  We had 36 folks at our organizational meeting back in January.  Quilters came from both Missouri and Kansas and even from our neighboring state of Nebraska.  At our second and third meetings we have had about 70 quilters attend.  We are thrilled with the response, though very honestly it has been a little overwhelming for us on the organizational side.  We have a great team of officers who have worked so hard helping get things up and running and we’ve been learning together what it takes to organize a guild.

The February Group Approached 70 Quilters!

Our last two meetings have been at Harper’s Fabrics, one of our fabulous local quilt shops.  Elaine and her staff have welcomed our young group and been so supportive of us.  We are sad to say that we have outgrown that space, but we look forward to having events and small group activities at the store.

Meet and Greet Tool Share

We have tried in our first three meetings to establish an atmosphere of openness, involvement, and creativity.  We don’t want our group to be sit and get.  At the February meeting we had a tool share where we circulated around the room, found partners and introduced ourselves and shared our tools.  We switched partners over and over and kept sharing.  We learned a lot and got to know each other a little better.

Even in a warm, crowed space folks were willing to climb over chairs and share with each other.

At the March meeting we brought our favorite quilting books.  We divided up into small groups to share our books and some projects made from or inspired by the book.  We also made a master list of books to share on the ning site.

The March meeting at Harpers

The next meeting on April 15th should be really exciting.  It will be the reveal of Project Plume.  Back in February, Moda and Tula Pink donated 36 charm packs to our guild and we introduced Project Plume.  Folks who took a charm pack made a commitment to make a project from 1 charm pack and ½ yard of any other fabric, binding and backing not included.  At the April meeting everyone is bringing completed or in progress projects and we’re having a  runway show and tell.  Should be fabulous!

As president of the guild, I’m committed to making sure that we have a learning opportunity at each meeting and that different members are involved.  There is so much talent in this group, and we want to showcase it. We are starting the “Ten Minute Tip” at the April meeting.  At each meeting a member volunteers to do a short demonstration (no more than 10 minutes), of some kind of a quilting skill or tip. We also have our first sewing Saturday, which is an open sewing day, scheduled for May 1.  We’re hoping to have one day like this each month either on a Saturday or Sunday.

Whitney shares about her quilt top. It's one of her first!

Of course we have show and tell at each meeting.  Beginners and our more experienced quilters have shown their work.  Each show and tell is inspiring. I can’t wait to sew when I get home from a guild meeting.  Isn’t that what it’s all about!

Jamie, our treasurer, shares her Ice Pops quilt.

We have many plans and ideas. Our membership has been so supportive and patient as we learn together how we want our guild to operate.  We start collecting dues this month and will have official dues paying members.

Inspirational Show and Tell

We laugh, have fun and talk and learn about modern quilting. So, if you’re in the Kansas City area we’d love to have you.  Pop over to our ning site for meeting information, or check out the groups in the side bar and find a MQG near you!

Thanks to our members who took these pictures!

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  1. Great post, Jacquie! It’s hard to believe that we’re already in our third month, and just look at everything that’s going on;) Thanks for your leadership!!

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