What does “modern quilting” mean to Latifah Saafir?

This is Latifah Saafir’s answer to the question, “What does modern quilting mean to me?” Read more about our modern quilting blog meme here.

I’m so excited about this topic. The fun thing is that the more that we try to define modern quilting, the more we will understand how the answer will vary from person to person. I see this as simply meaning that modern quilting is as individual as each of us. Modern quilting is just a reflection of what quilting means to the new generations of quilters. It is an approach to quilting that welcomes a more modern aesthetic, attitude and approach.

With that being said, modern quilting means many things to me. But one of the most important meanings can be summarized by one word – FREEDOM. You see, I’ve loved quilts since I was in my early teens. I must have checked out every quilting book in our local library. I was mesmerized by quilts in general. But I had a special fondness for quilts with a more modern edge, like the clean lines and bold colors of Amish quilts and the quirky “perfect imperfections” of a few Japanese quilts that I remember. But, in spite of my intense love of all things quilting I was intimidated by all the rules. It took almost 20 years to be inspired to take the leap and start my first quilt.  It was less than a year ago when it happened. I saw my friend Jenn’s first quilt and it was awesome. She used an old blanket as the batting. It wasn’t bound – the edges were turned. It had all these crazy and wild fabrics in it. And, IT WAS PERFECT. It was a beautiful work of art, used and loved and it reflected exactly who she was. And for the first time in my life I thought “I can do this. I can quilt!” That is what modern quilting is about to me. It’s about making quilting our own with a freedom that allows us to find our own quilting style in the process.

Freedom to innovate.

Freedom to create.

Freedom to make our own rules.

Freedom to make circle picnic quilts.

Freedom to play with big 10” solid squares when you are crunched for time to make a gift.

Freedom to explore circles.

Freedom to be inspired by other quilters!

Freedom to quilt!

Modern quilting is for everybody. When there are no rules and you can’t be wrong, it opens up the art and craft of quilting to many who would have not tried it otherwise.

6 thoughts on “What does “modern quilting” mean to Latifah Saafir?

  1. I was going to post what Modern Quilting means to me, but Latifah, you literally took the words out of my mind. This is exactly what Modern Quilting means to me!

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  3. Your quilts are extremely gorgeous. I simply love your style and combinations in colors.

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