100 Days – Week of Shapes – Featured Quilt 2

The next Featured Quilt in the Week of Shapes highlights none other than the square. Cara from Me? A Mom? showcases the shape of the square beautifully in this clean and striking quilt. Named Neverending Story because each of the 25 different Heather Ross Munki Munki prints included in this quilt inspires her daughters to look at the quilt and tell stories about each block. The quilt measures 52″ x 66″ and is minimally quilted with straight lines.

Neverending Story uses improvisational piecing within the structure of the square and was inspired by some of Ashley from Film in the Fridge’s work. Read on as Cara answers a few questions on the creation of this quilt.

Neverending Story Quilt by Cara from Me? A Mom?

Question: What was your inspiration for this quilt?
Cara: Well, I’d amassed quite the collection of Heather Ross Munki Munki fabric through Flickr swaps and TJ Maxx pajama purchases and wanted to showcase my favorite prints in a fun way.  To someone who is unfamiliar with Heather Ross’ work or Munki Munki, the quilt probably looks like a hot mess of novelty prints but I love having them all together in one quilt.

Detail Picture of Neverending Story Quilt by Cara from Me? A Mom?

Question: What is your favorite part of this quilt?
Cara: Definitely the back, with the way the charms are lined up in color order down the center. It makes my ROY G. BIV heart happy.

Binding Details from Neverending Story Quilt by Cara from Me? A Mom?

Question: What did you learn making this quilt?
Cara: At the time, this quilt was my first attempt at improv blocks so I learned a lot along the way in terms of balancing blocks visually and the importance of picking the right prints and solids to compliment and not compete with the center fabric. I also learned that it’s worth every hour spent to have a back of a quilt as fun and interesting as the front.

Cara blogs at Me? A Mom?, can be found on Flickr and is a proud member of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild.

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  1. I love this quilt! Cara always does such a fabulous job. I have somehow missed this one. I’m always looking for inspiration for my HR fabrics I’m too afraid to cut.

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